“It is of ultimate importance to do what we can
to keep the body in good health;
Otherwise we shall not be able to keep
the mind strong and clear.”


Qi Gong …helps the body to regain its equilibrium and heal itself.

A Simple Definition

Qi (pronounced chee) means energy. Gong means practice. Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese healing art that uses mind, proper breathing techniques, and body movements, which help to build, circulate, and unblock stuck energy in the body.

There are two areas of Qi Gong practice. One is internal Qi Gong, in which exercises are learned and practiced for oneself. The other, is medical Qi Gong. This is what Padme offers at A Quieter Place. As a Medical Qi Gong therapist, Padme directs the universal healing energy to pass through her body into another’s. There is a clear, loving intention for the energy to be healing for the other person. Specific internal Qi Gong exercises are also suggested when appropriate.

A Typical Session

The client generally lies down on a massage table, fully clothed, often with music to facilitate relaxation. The practitioner senses the disturbances in the energy flow and works on releasing the blocks. This sensing is done with the palm and imagery. Padme's work is including a new technique so that her table sessions are taking less time. Your first session will be close to an hour. Subsequent sessions last from 10-30 minutes depending on conversation and other factors. 

Results in General

Qi Gong treatments may benefit people who are stressed, have chronic pain, are chronically tired, or emotionally depressed. Qi Gong may provide relief and/or healing where other more traditional treatments have failed. Qi Gong may help strengthen a person’s immune system before and after surgery. Recovery from serious illness may also be facilitated with Qi Gong treatments.

Clients have reported feeling comforted, balanced, and have noticed relief from pain during and following treatments. They have shared that relief from physical pain has lasted from a few hours, to days, to being “just gone”.

Clients have reported a direct correlation between their Qi Gong treatments and the improved recovery rates from various symptoms: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, allergy attacks, surgery, Multiple Sclerosis, radiation and chemo treatments, bruise, sprains, menstrual cramping, headaches (severe and mild), bronchitis, flu, colds, toe fungus, Lyme Disease, and viral and bacterial infections.

A woman with a history of sexual abuse as a child reported that her sexual energy was opening up. Generally, clients have reported quicker recovery from illness and more balanced energy in their lives, following their experience with Qi Gong treatments.

This work is particularly helpful for people who have tried more conventional paths for healing, and have come away frustrated.


As an intuitive healer, Padme shares pertinent information with you about your situation. All personal information shared in a session will be kept strictly confidential. Padme may ask you if she may speak with other health practitioners in your life, if the situation calls for that. She will ask you to sign a release, if that is the case.

Biographical notes

Padme Nina Livingstone has been practicing energy healing for more than 20years., Padme now practices Medical Qi Gong at A Quieter Place in the Rochester, New York area.

Padme completed her advanced Medical Qi Gong training with Qi Gong Master Tianhiu Liu from Bejing in the Spring, 1995. She was the Qi Gong Therapist at Equipoise, A Complementary Health Center, 1998-2000. She has been in private practice since that time.

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